Customize Your Artwork

Below are our options to customize your artwork and make it more personal for you. Because there are so many options and we want it to be as personal as possible we have not made these options part of our shopping cart. If you do want to customize your piece please call us at 303-986-8547.

Designer Multiple Opening Mats

16" x 20" 4-Opening..... $160

20" x 20" 3-Opening..... $210

26" x 20" 5-Opening..... $265

30" x 20" 7-Opening..... $300

Our 11" x 17" ©, signed and numbered, limited edition print with a combination of our 5.5" x 8.5" open-end edition prints mounted behind a bevel cut double mat, marbled gray over black with a black metal frame and clear acrylic. Your choice of prints.

Personalized/Customized Formats

20" x 20" print w/ accessories $200

20" x 20" print 4-Opening w/ accessories $225

(Image coming soon)

26" x 20" 3-Opening w/ accessories $275

30" x 20" 5-Opening w/ accessories $340

A designer Multiple-Opening Format with YOUR patches, wings, stripes, photos, etc. An Inscription plate can be added for $15-$20 (depending on size and number of characters). Options other than the examples shown are available - Call with your ideas or for information.